About Us

In the Beginning…

In June of 1999 Clan LGSO was formed by a bunch of guys that loved playing Valves Team Fortress Classic  (TFC). We hosted one of the fastest cleanest servers at the time (LGSO Killing Fields).

League Participation

In 2001, LGSO began investigating several of the existing online leagues.  These leagues provide an organized venue for game clans to participate in head-to-head matches in various game platforms.   The league matches have rules and codes of conduct that promote teamwork and communication, two of LGSO’s basic tenets.


In the fall of 2001, LGSO elected to join the Online Gaming League (OGL), and played in their first 9 v 9 TFC match on November 25, 2001, against the Soldiers of Hell clan.

LGSO played in OGL matches for the next several months and eventually (in the spring of 2002) fielded additional teams in The Proving Grounds (TPG) league 6 v 6 and 9 v 9 divisions.

In May of 2002, LGSO left OGL and joined the Cyberathlete Amateur League (CAL).  At the time, this league was better organized, and more vigilant against unsportsmanlike play.

LGSO remained in the CAL TFC Open division until their final TFC league match, on September 25, 2002, against Metal Militia.

LGSO’s overall TFC league record was 15-20.


Day of Defeat

LGSO took a near two year break from league play after most members began switching their preferred game platforms from TFC to Day of Defeat (DOD) and Natural Selection (NS).

LGSO initially joined the DOD 1.3 CAL Open division; but unlike the TFC division, this particular division was not well organized at the time.  So in the summer of 2004, LGSO joined the Stronger Than All (STA) league, and participated in their first DOD league match on July 7, 2004, against the Badger Offensive Clan.   LGSO participated in some 43 DOD (1.3) matches over the next year, with the final DOD (1.3) match played in August of 2005.

Around that time, DOD Source was released by Valve, and LGSO elected to switch their primary game platform from DOD 1.3 to DOD Source, and transferred divisions within STA to suit. LGSO STA League matches began in October of 2005 and continued until August of 2006.  LGSO experienced success in the STA DOD Source league, reaching the playoffs several times and playing in the finals.

However, by fall of 2006, the number of teams participating in the STA DOD:S division had dwindled, and LGSO began assessing new leagues to join.  LGSO joined the Sunlit Games League (SLDL) in November of 2006.

LGSO’s combined record in the DOD 1.3 and DOD Source leagues is 37-44-2.


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